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By Kevin Wong

awnings canopies Singapore

Awnings and Canopies in Singapore

Awnings and canopies are as much utilitarian as they are decorative. Installing awnings and canopies in Singapore can provide shade from the tropical heat, besides drawing attention with their elegance, color and shape. There are awnings and canopies built for the home or for commercial purposes. Awnings and canopies will add beauty, comfort and value to any home or business. Choosing the right awnings or canopies depends upon what you will use it for, how much you want to spend. Our trusted store has one of the widest collections of awnings and canopies in Singapore, in different design, colour and shape, according to your needs. Awnings can be supplied and installed as fixed, roller or motorised types. For a long time, the choice of awning fabrics was limited to cotton canvas. But nowadays, customers have a wide choice of synthetic fabrics to choose from. New materials have made synthetic fabrics stronger, durable, more flexible, and resistant to moisture absorption. Coatings, laminates and top coatings are commonly used to equip fabrics with protective qualities. Solar shading materials also help to reduce glare and heat gain, making for cooler comfort. Our top quality awnings and canopies are anti-UV protected, chemical resistant, guaranteed for 10 years and require negligible maintenance. We provide the services to install the best awnings and canopies in Singapore.

Commercial Awnings and Canopies in Singapore

Commercial awnings and canopies play an important marketing role for any business. Unique dome awnings can attract customers to the entrance of a building while at the same time displaying useful information such as the business name, address and phone number just like a billboard or sign.  Restaurants often use retractable canopies for outdoor dining, receptions or parties in addition to providing shade from the sun, protection from wind, or dryness from rain or snow.

Awnings and Canopies Designs

The following are some awnings and canopies designs to choose from:

  • Standard Window Awnings
  • Long Dome Awnings
  • Dome Awnings
  • Convex Awnings
  • Concave Awnings
  • Patio Awnings
  • Entry Canopies

Call us for a free site inspection, discussion of the design and materials of the awnings and canopies, and a free quotation.

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